Call for spring & fall 2019. Good opportunities for a research of World Heritage, woodwork, textile or painting.

RaumArs A-i-R in Rauma town opens a call for artists, architects and researchers. There is one placement available for the spring 2019 and one–two placements for the fall 2019. Deadline 20th November 2018.

A call for 1–3 month independent work residency. In this period there are good opportunities at our partner’s premises for woodwork (at the Renovation Centre Tammela or Street Mission), painting (at Street Mission) and textile/sewing/knitting/weaving (at Job Seekers). Chosen artist pays the accommodation and registration fees, but the workspace is free of charge.

A call for 1–2 month independent work residency in collaboration with the Old Rauma Renovation Centre Tammela. This period is specifially targeted for architects, architect researchers or World Heritage researchers, but artists from other art disciplines are welcomed to apply.
Renovation Centre Tammela is looking for an architect or researcher whose research area includes one of the following topics: cultural environment, cultural heritage, world heritage, wood constructions or wooden towns. Architect/artist/researcher will get access to a workspace in Tammela. There is an own office room, WLAN and shared kitchen. Workshop has facilities for eg. woodwork.
Tammela personnel helps you to take contacts with public administration, local residents and entrepreneurs. In return, we expect you to hold a lecture or arrange an small exhibition in Tammela.
Chosen architect/artist/researcher pays the accommodation and registration fees, but the workspace is free of charge.

For further information, please visit our web site.