The Snäcksund Croft in Ekenäs/Tammisaari, Finland, is a place for short-stay periods of artistic or art-related research, adjoined to the Snäcksund Villa residence. This Nordic-oriented programme is open to artists, curators, art critics and educators through open call and by invitation. Each residency is planned individually in order to match the needs of the specific project.

Due to the diverse character of projects we facilitate stays up to 2 months with the possibility to split a residency period and return for further development of the project. The Snäcksund Croft is situated approx 1,5 hours South of Helsinki.

The Snäcksund Croft offers an approx 30 square foot fully furnished living space suitable for one artist or an artist couple. Participants receive travel allowances for the most economical return journey. A production support according to need and pre-calculated project costs is also granted.

Application deadline Friday 18 May 2018 at 4 pm.

Applicants shall provide the following information by e-mail titled THE CROFT to

Contact Information.
Project Description
CV / Resume

The application shall be written in Swedish, Finnish or English. Applicants will be notified of the outcome within June 2018.

For further information, please contact:
Executive Director Sabina Westerholm |
or Residency Manager Åsa Lönnqvist |

KulttuuriKauppila residency programs (FI)

Call for the KulttuuriKauppila residency programmes in 2019 is open! Apply by 5.5.2018 for the KK AiR Artist-in-Residence programme and/or the new KK AiC Artist-in-Community programme run in collaboration with the Lähde! -project. See more information about the options at our new webpage!

Open call for the Finnish Cultural Institutes residencies and the ISCP residencies (USA)

Open Call for the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York’s residencies and the ISCP residencies

Deadline for all applications is April 29th, 2018!


Serlachius residency (FI)

The Serlachius residency, situated in Mänttä-Vilppula, Finland, is a residency studio maintained by Serlachius Museums and the Mänttä Art Festival. Some 20–30 artists or groups of artists work in the residency each year. The residency application period for 2019 is 1–28 February 2018.

The Serlachius residency, which has been operating since 2015, is aimed at creative professionals, such as artists, researchers and curators, working in the field of the visual arts. In addition to a studio and accommodation, the residency offers contacts with local art professionals as well as opportunities to engage in community-based projects with the people of Mänttä.

The length of the residency period may be from one to six months. In addition to individual residency periods, applications may also be made for production residencies spread over several years. No rent is charged for the residency period. Instead, the residency guests are expected to provide a written report about their work in Mänttä.

Accommodation for residency guests is provided in Einola house, in the culturally and historically valued park milieu of Serlachius Museum Gösta. The studio and exhibition premises are in an Art Nouveau building known as Aleksanterin linna, located next to Serlachius Museum Gustaf in the centre of Mänttä, around three kilometres away from Einola. Residency guests are responsible for their own travel arrangements as well as their working and living costs during the residency period.

Residency applications are made using the online application form. The form and application instructions can be found on the residency website when the application period begins. Late applications will not be processed.

The residency website and a link that opens when the application period begins can be found here:

Additional information: residency(at)

BELOW ZERO – Art Prize (including a residency in Beaconsfield Gallery (GB)

The prize will offer a bi-annual platform for a residency and new commission mentored by Beaconsfield.

The BELOW ZERO prize is open to Finnish artists or artists residing in Finland who have studied to degree level, either in Finland or the UK, and may be resident anywhere in the world.

Application deadline – 1st September 2017
London residency & exhibition – between January and March 2018
Online application portal:

For more information: Pauliina Ståhlberg, Director, The Finnish Institute in London: pauliina.stahlberg(at)

Mobility grants (FI)

The mobility grants (former artist-in-residence and travel grants) awarded by the Arts Promotion Centre of Finland are intended for professional artists to help cover the foreign traval costs or working costs abroad. Application periods end 22.8.2017, 15.11.2017 ja 28.2.2018.

For checking the deadlines and further information

‘Silence Awareness Existence’, Thematic residency program by Arteles Arteles Creative Center (FI)

Periods: 1 or 2 months
Months: December 2017 – March 2018
Where: Arteles Creative Center, Hämeenkyrö, Finland
Deadline for applications: 30th June 2017
For further information

HIAP is seeking applications for residencies taking place at HIAP Suomenlinna and HIAP Cable Factory in 2018 (FI)

International artists are eligible to apply for residencies of 3 months and Finnish artists for a residency of 11 months. The residencies cover accommodation and studio space free of charge. The selected international artists will in addition receive a monthly working grant and a travel allowance.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday, June 28, 2017.

More information and instructions on how to apply:

International Artists:

Finnish Artists:…/hiap-residency-programme-2018-finnish-…

 The BioArt Society / Apply for Nordic / Baltic residencies 2017/2018 (FI)

Artists based in the Nordic and Baltic countries (except Finland) can apply now until 22nd of June for a fully funded Ars Bioarctica Residency at the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station.

The HereNow Residency at SPACE Art +Technology (GB)

HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme, Finnish Institute in London and SPACE Art + Technology are seeking applications from artists based in Finland to participate in HereNow residency programme in London. The three-month residency is hosted by SPACE in London.
The deadline for applications is Sunday, June 18.

Further information:…/herenow-residency-space-art-technology

Ateljé Stundars (FI)

A recent cancellation has made the Ateljé Stundars on the west coast of Finland available under short notice. The residency period available is March-April 2017. For further inquiries:  please contact info(at)
More info on the residency programme:

Villa Sarkia (FI)

Villa Sarkia is a residence upheld by the culture association Nuoren Voiman Liitto and the city of Sysmä in southern Finland. The residence is primarily designed to give young writers and translators the chance to focus on their personal literary undertakings in a private and inspiring setting. Residency periods in Villa Sarkia are between one to three months.

Applying for the Spring period (1 Jan – 30 Jun) ends on 31 Oct.

More information about applying:

Executive Director (substitute)
Anna Ulvinen
tel. +358 44 207 4650

Fiskars AiR Programme (FI)

Fiskars village, with around 600 inhabitants, is situated in Southern Finland approximately 100 km west of Helsinki. The Cooperative of Artisans, Designers and Artists in Fiskars has over 100 members representing over 20 different fields of arts, design and crafts. The Fiskars Artist in Residence was founded in early 2006.

The Fiskars AiR mission is to stimulate the professional exchange and networking between creative professionals in Fiskars Village and overseas and to enrich the local community by the new insight that the residency visitors can bring into the community.

The residence is open to professionals from all creative businesses, nationalities and ages. This includes working craftspeople, designers, visual artists, architects, industrial designers, performing artists, composers, musicians, curators, producers, journalists, writers and researchers. International guests are prioritized, however, Finnish artists may be considered. Families and work groups are also welcomed. The residency house is located on top of a hill and has a small staircase so it is not well suited for physically impared.

The residency studio apartment houses 1-2 persons or a small family.
The application period ends Oct. 10th.

A monthly maintenance fee of 300€ is required.

Application form:

For further information:

Contact: AiR coordinator Kati Sointukangas, +358 (0) 40 0241017, fiskarsair(at)

‘Back to Basics’ – residency program by Arteles (FI)

Arteles Creative Center in Finland is one of the largest creative residencies in Scandinavia. The center can host 10-12 residents simultaneously. The living and studio spaces are designed to support creative activities and social exchange. The center is located in the middle of nature of Hämeenkyrö

Arteles is offering a possibility to be free to create without having any outside or art world pressure. In its ‘Back to Basics’ program artists can go offline, be present and get back to focus in a supportive, natural environment with no unnecessary distractions. Internet access and mobile use is limited and residents have the possibility to participate in daily meditation sessions.

Residency fee: 970 €/month for 1 person: single room + studio space. The residency program includes also creative tools & equipment, assistant to help with creative practice, weekly meetings, a residency car etc.

The program is open for artists and creative professionals from all the fields of: Visual Arts | New Media | Sound & Music | Performing Arts | Design | Architecture | Literature | Research | Philosophy

Periods: 1 month.
Months: April and May 2017

Application deadline: 30th September 2016

For further information:

Drake Arts Centre artist-in-residence program (FI)

The Drake Arts Centre is an international artist residence in the old town of Kokkola in Finland. Every year international and Finnish artists are invited to the Artist-In-Residence programme. The application period for residences (December 2016 – November 20179 closes 30th of September.

The residency is a co-operative project between the Kokkola town museum, the Kokkola town theatre and the Nordic Art School. In the residency program, the visiting artists are encouraged to open and unibased cultural production between different fields of art, in a way that easily reaches the local public. Contact between the artists and the local public is encouraged. To this end applications which offer concrete artistic or/and public production in connection with or after the residency are favored. Forms of production could be a work of art, a public performance or an open lecture.

The residence is an old refurbished wooden house in the heart of the old town of Kokkola. Kokkola is  located in Central Ostrobothnia in Western Finland, on the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia. The flat consists of a bedroom, a kitchenette and a bathroom with shower. The resident has access to a bike as well. The kitchenette is spacious enough to serve as working space depending on the nature of work. A studio for painting or sculpture is provided by the Nordic Art School. Travel, material and living costs  (for e.g. food) is paid by the artist (no rent is paid for the residence).

Application deadline is once a year, 30th of September. Apply by sending a free formulated letter to the centre. State the preferred time and length of residency, a plan for residency project(s) and productions during and/or after the stay. Enclose your CV or description of your artistic work, recommendations and information of your partner organization, if any. The application can be sent by e-mail to the residence secretary emma(at)

Further information in English:

The Finnish Cultural Foundation / Grants for Artists’ Residencies (FRA, KOR, JPN, POR)

The Finnish Cultural Foundation awards grants for international artists’ residency programmes each year. Applications for working grants in the residential centres can be made between 18 August and 16 September 2016 via the electronic grant application system.

In 2017, grants are available for the following locations: Hôtel Chevillon in France, SeMA Nanji in Seoul, South Korea, Tokyo Wondersite in Japan and O Espaço do Tempo in Portugal. The grant amounts to €2,000 a month.

The Finnish Cultural Foundation awards grants to Finnish citizens and to people living and working in Finland as well as to projects that have strong connections to Finnish culture.

There is a single application form for all residential centres, and artists may submit applications for more than one centre on the same form. In that case, the applicants must explain in their work plans how the content of the work will change from one centre to another.

The applications must be submitted in English. If the artist only submits an application for Hôtel Chevillon, the work plan may also be written in Finnish.

For more information about the residency programmes and the grants for them, see the websites of the individual centres.

In case of inquiries, please contact senior advisor Johanna Ruohonen, johanna.ruohonen(at), +358 40 5163475. For further information see

Villa Karo (BJ)

Villa Karo is a Finnish-African cultural centre located in the village of Grand-Popo, Benin in West Africa. The centre offers residencies for Finnish artists, writers and researchers of varying fields.

The deadline for applications for autumn residencies (from September 1st to December 31st) is on March 15th and for spring residencies (from January 1st to May 31st) on September 15th.

To know more of Villa Karo and applying, go to

Tapiola Guest Studio Residence (FI)

Open call for submissions

The Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation is inviting applications from visual artists for its residency programme at Tapiola Guest Studio. The residency provides time and space for artists to focus on their creative work and opportunities to get acquainted with Finnish art scene. The length of the residency is between one or three calendar months. The residencies can take place between January and April, or in August 2017. The call for applications ends on 15th September 2016.

The guest studio is part of the Tapiola Studio Building which houses also nine other residential studios for local artists. It is located in Espoo, 8 km from Helsinki Finland. The studio has a total area of 83 m2, plus a living balcony of 15 m2. The studio is suitable also for an artist couple. The rent of the residence is 500 € per month and it includes accommodation and studio space. The residency does not include any working grant nor travels.

The residency is mainly self directed. The foundation offers practical assistance and networks. The artists are encouraged to engage in a small-scale public event (work-in-progress presentation etc.) during residency, this is not, however, compulsory.

The Tapiola Guest Studio is maintained by the Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation. The purpose of the Foundation, established in 1990, is to improve the working conditions of visual artists by maintaining and acquiring work facilities and residential studios. The foundation has approximately 300 artist tenants in Finland.

The Foundation has invited artists to Tapiola Guest Studio since year 1997, mainly through artists exchange programmes, but occasionally also through open calls.

Find out more on application procedure:

Saari Residence (FI)

The Saari Residence is a tranquil facility and a fruitful meeting point for artists and researchers. The Saari Residence offers Finnish and non-Finnish artists, critics and translators the chance to work intensively for a period of two months in a relaxed countryside setting in Mynämäki Finland from September to April. Artistic groups may also apply for use of the residence’s facilities for limited periods of time from May to August. Each resident is provided with an apartment and workroom.

Kone Foundation provides monthly grants (2,350 or 2,700 euros/month) for the duration of the residency period. Groups can apply for grants to compensate for expenses.

Application period for residencies in 2017 begins on 1 August and ends on 31 August 16.00 Finnish time (Eastern European summer time, GMT + 3).

For more information on how to apply: Instructions for residency applicants


Jan van Eyck Akademie (NL) & International Studio and Curatorial Program (USA)

Deadline 30.5.2016 at 16.00.

Further information and application instructions (in Finnish):

Open call for the Ratamo artist-in-residence for printmakers (FI)

RATAMO Printmaking and Photography Centre welcomes printmakers to apply for a one month residence in October 2016.
Ratamo offers for the artist:
-free accommodation at the guest room
-free working at the printshop (except plates, papers and special materials)
-a grant of 400 € for living and material costs
Application should include:
-fulfilled application form
-a working plan
-curriculum vitae
-at least 6 digital images of your works
The main selection criteria will be the quality of art and motivation to work in the local artists’ community.
The application deadline for the residence is May 31, 2016.
Applications and inquiries: jukka.partanen(at)

St. Petersburg Guest Studio (RU)

The Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation calls for applications from Finnish artists or artists based in Finland for working periods in 2017 in the St. Petersburg Guest Studio.

The deadline for applications is May 23rd 2016 at 2 pm. Further information (in Finnish)

Transfer North Network Programme announces

Open call for curators and writers interested in research, curatorial and critical writing residencies in the European North

Autumn 2016 -Winter 2016/2017 | Application deadline May 15, 2016 | 7 curatorial and critical writing residencies

Curators and writers based in Nordic and Baltic countries, UK and Russia are eligible to apply.

Applications are open to curators interested in pursuing research, curatorial and critical writing opportunities in the northern regions of Norway, Finland, Sweden, Northwest-Russia, Scotland, Iceland and Lithuania.

The residency programme is part of the Transfer North programme, and offers 7 curators and writers a unique opportunity to combine visits to several places within the network:

NORWAY // Tromsø (Troms County Cultural Center), Bodø (Nordland Culture Center), Svolvær (The North Norwegian Artist Center), Røst (Røst AIR) Kirkenes (Pikene på Broen), Karasjok (Sami Center for Contemporary Art) // FINLAND// Oulu (Northern Photographic Center), Rovaniemi (Northern Media Culture Association Magneetti ry) //SWEDEN// Boden and Luleå (Havremagasinet/Galleri Syster )// LITHUANIA// Vilnius (Contemporary Art Centre)//SCOTLAND//Glasgow (The Centre for Contemporary Arts)// ICELAND// Seyðisfjörður (Skaftfell Center for Visual Art)// RUSSIA// Arkhangelsk (Arkhangelsk AIR), St Petersburg (St Petersburg Art Residency/ NCCA Art Residence in Kronstadt), Murmansk (Gallery Ч9/ Fridaymilk)

The programme welcomes applications from curators, writers and thinkers based in Nordic and Baltic countries, UK and Russia, who have expressed interest in the High North and with capacity for in-depth research and writing. Curators and writers are expected to further develop contacts within and knowledge of the High North, that could result in working with organizations and artists based in this region in the future.

During the residency, curators and writers will be expected to conduct studio and gallery visits, critical writing workshops for local art community and public presentations.

English speaking and writing skills are required.

The invited curators and writers will receive:

-Up to four weeks long residency/ minimum one week/maximum visit to 3 residencies in the network
-Residency grant NOK 7.000 for residencies up to 15 days
-Residency grant NOK 10.000 for residencies up to four weeks
-Travel grant max NOK 10.000
-Free accommodation
-Support in accessing artist studios, galleries and institutions

Applicantion must include

-CV including contact information, relevant links
– Work samples
-Motivation Letter, including the list of residencies you would like to visit (in priority order)

Please submit only electronic copies of the above in ONE email to: ccwnorth(at)

In the subject line of your email, please specify ”curatorial and critical writing residencies”

Contact person: Jasmina Bosnjak | jasmina.bosnjak(at)

Application deadline: May 15, 2016 ( 23:59 CET)

All applicants will be notified of the decision before the end of July.

Transfer North is kindly supported by Nordic Culture Point (Nordic-Baltic mobility Programme – Long-term network support), Nordic Culture Fund, Norsk-islandsk kultursamarbeid, Nordland County Council, Troms County Council and project partners.

 Mazzano Romano (IT)

The Väinö Tanner Foundation calls for applications from Finnish artists for residencies in Mazzano Romano in Italy. Deadline 30.4.2016.

Information in Finnish

The Atelier of Villa Lante (IT)

The Foundation Institutum Romanum Finlandiae calls for applications for the residencies in the Atelier of Villa Lante for the year 2017. Deadline 29.4.2016.

Further information in Finnish

The artist-in-residency program/ FCINY (USA)

The Finnish Cultural Institute has been running a residency program for Finnish artists, designers and architects in New York City. The aim of the program is to offer a creative working and research period, as well as networking opportunities in a new cultural context for professionals in all stages of their career.  The artist-in-residency program is aimed at Finnish or Finland-based artists.
The Institute maintains artist-in-residence apartments in Harlem, Manhattan. Applications for the Institute’s basic program, which offers apartments for one-to-two month residencies, are accepted annually in the month of April. Eligibility for this program is based on the required affiliation to Artists’ Association of Finland (STS), The Finnish Association of Designers (Ornamo) or Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA).

Deadline for applications 29.4.2016.

More information related to the application procedure and its details (in Finnish):

Apply for JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre’s residency (FI)

Applications are invited for JoJo’s 2017 residency programme from dance artists who want to develop physically develop their artistic ideas and toolkits. Fusion projects between different forms of dance and art that aim to develop the art and craft of creating art are especially welcome.
For the residency artists JoJo offers for maximum of three weeks:
  • Accommodation in JoJo’s residency apartment in the centre of Oulu (fully furnished with two twin rooms and a living room, capacity 4-5 people)
  • Rehearsal space max. 6h/day, 5 days/week
  • Performance space for a showcase at the end of the residency period if needed
JoJo expects from the residency artists:
  • a workshop of at least two days (no additional fee will be payed for giving the workshop)
  • a minimum of one open rehearsal
  • a showcase and an artist talk in the rehearsal or performance space at the end of the residency period (JoJo will pay a performance fee for the showcase)

How to apply: Send an informal application at the latest on  29.4.2016  via email to residency(at)

The application should contain:
  • the reason why you want to come to the residency in Oulu
  • project plan
  • video link to previous works
  • proposal for sharing events during the process and for the showcase
  • CVs of the team
JoJo accepts attachments in the following formats: .pdf, .doc, .txt, .rtf ja .xls.
Further information: Jarkko Lehmus Artistic director jarkko.lehmus(at) / +358 45 879 3779

Marbella Studio Building (ES)

Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation calls for applications from Finnish artists or artists based in Finland for residencies at the Marbella Studio Building on the Costa del Sol in Spain. Deadline for applications April 18th 2016.

For further information (in Finnish)

The RaumArs Artist-in-Residence programme (FI)

The RaumArs Artist-in-Residence programme invites both international and Finnish artists to work and live in the city of Rauma in western Finland. The residency programme covers wide range of art fields and its purpose is to take art out of museums and galleries and to work in a social context in order to create innovative links between artists, individuals and communities. The residencies can be either self-directed or focused on community art. The application period for residencies in 2017 closes April 17th.

RaumArs welcomes artists to apply for a residency from the fields of applied arts (incl. design), architecture, handcraft (incl. textile), performing arts (incl. dance, music, sound, theatre) and visual arts (incl. new media, photography, video). Also art historians, researchers and curators can apply.

The community art applicants are expected to present a project plan for a collaborative/participatory art practise, public or social art project or an environmental project, which will be realized during the residence. The main selection criteria will be the artists’ motivation to work in collaboration with local people, the proposal and the quality of previous art. Many of the projects are carried out with children or youth, but artists actualize the project according to their wishes and collaborate with any group. The applicant doesn’t have to have previous teaching experience, but need to prove to be able to carry out the project. RaumArs will give some assistance in producing the accepted proposal for a community/ participatory art projects.
Community artist(s) get at most 200-300€ in a month (exact amount to be decided later) for materials (incl. equipment rentals etc.) by proving receipts for the items bought or rented. Exceeding costs are to be paid by the artist(s). (The residency may overlap with independently working artist also staying in the same flat.)

Community art project is not required from independently working artists.

Suggested targets

  • Special target to a theatre project.
 RaumArs and Youth Community Centre ”Nuorisotakuutalo” calls for actor/actress/director/performance artist to produce a community theatre project with 17–29 years old youngsters.
  • In the end of August (~22.–25.8.2017) there will be a toy researcher’s conference in Rauma. Both community or independently working residency artists have a possibility to join the conference by producing art. During the conference there could be for example site specific works, workshops, art games, exhibitions. Possibility to have a collaboration with the researchers.
RaumArs offers accommodation in the heart of Old Rauma, a UNESCO World Heritage site. For community/participatory art projects RaumArs will offer an apartment free of charge and give some administrative help in producing the accepted proposal. Artists pay travelling, art transporting and living costs (including food, house cleansers, print inks etc.).
Independently working artists need to pay a certain fee per month.
Residency applications must be submitted via an online application form.
For further information:

Executive director Hannele Kolsio
phone: +358-44-0545419
e-mail: raumars(at)

Open Call for artist residencies in London and Cambridge for 2016 (UK)

Frame Visual Art Finland announces two Open Calls for artist residencies in the UK: HereAfter at The White Building, London, and Wysing Poly at Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge. Applications are invited by Finnish artists and artists based in Finland. Both residency programmes are co-organised with the Finnish Institute in London.

Wysing Poly residency offers a two-month residency (July 4 – September 5, 2016) at Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge. HereAfter residency programme offers a three-month residency (October 19, 2016 – January 22, 2017) at the White Building, London. Both of the residencies offer the selected artists travel and accommodation fees, a shared studio space as well as a working grant and production budget.

Deadline for the open calls is 17 April 2016 (24:00 Finnish time).

Applications are submitted by filling in an electronic application form. Incomplete applications or applications sent by post or e-mail without using the online application form will not be taken into consideration.

More information:

Miina Hujala, Coordinator, Frame Visual Art Finland
tel. +358 (0)50 308 0755

Lighthouse Residency 2016 (UK)

HIAP calls for applications from artists based in Finland for a three-month residency at Lighthouse, Brighton, in September – November, 2016. The exchange programme is co-organised by HIAP, Lighthouse and The Finnish institute in London.

The deadline for the applications is April 17, 2016. All applications should be submitted by using the online application form that can be accessed at the source link.

Read more here.

Mobility Funding

Kulturkontakt Nord

Application rounds for Mobility Funding are announced. Mobility Funding can be applied by individuals and small groups for travels within the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Application deadlines in 2016:
04.01.2016 – 03.02.2016
01.03.2016 – 04.04.2016
21.07.2016 – 22.08.2016
23.09.2016 – 24.10.2016

For information how to apply visit:

Working grants for visual artists in Triangle Residency programme in New York (USA)

In the fall of 2014 the The Finnish Cultural Institute in New York started a partnership with Triangle Residency located in Brooklyn; this collaboration provides the artists with an apartment and workspace for a set period of time in New York. The artist-in-residency program is aimed at Finnish or Finland-based artists. The residencies are three months long.

The dealine for applications is April 1st 2016. For further information read:

(The information related to the application procedure is only in Finnish.)
For further information: Anna Vuoria, Administrative Manager, FCINY, vuoria(at)

Circolo Scandinavo (IT)

Circolo Scandinavo in Rome offers residencies to Nordic artists. Artists from all Nordic countries and all art fields may apply. Residencies are minimum 1 month, between September 2016 and July 2017.

The residency program may include a cultural event (artist talk, a master class, literary event, concert ecc.) all of which are open to the general public, and other projects designed to promote Nordic artists in Italy.

The centrally located 15th-century building has 5 studio rooms available. There is a music room with piano for musicians and a separate 8.5 m2 workroom for one visual artist.

Shared facilities include kitchen, living room, bathroom, library, terrace etc.

Monthly cost: large room 500€; small room 400€. Supplement for accompanying guest: 20€/night for the first week; thereafter 10€/night. Due to the size of the artists residence only two people can be hosted per room. No children under the age of 14.

Grants to cover rent and other costs related to a residency are available for some nationalities and professions.

Due to administrative procedures, residency applicants are requested to fill in the application form in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian or English.

Deadline for applying is on the 1st of April.
More information on the website

Cité Internationale des Arts (FR)

Applications for residencies at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris are invited in March each year. Applications must be sent and confirmed before 31.03.2016 at 4 pm.

The object of the Finnish Cité Internationale des Arts Foundation is to hold proprietary rights to the use of five visual art and four music studios at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris and, on the basis of applications received, to annually select representatives of visual art, music, dance, industrial art and architecture living in Finland for these residencies.

Enquiries: Kipinä Productions, Anna Kondracka, , tel. +358 50 598 3109

For further information:

Maker in Residence : Open Call

To encourage creative thinking in and with museums, Creative Museum, in cooperation with 6 partner institutions in Norway, Finland, The UK, France, Croatia, and Ireland, is pleased to announce an open call for applications to participate in one of 6 Residencies for Makers in 6 European Cities.
Selected makers will travel to one of 6 host institutions, where they will be given broad license to express themselves creatively through their own practice, in conversation with the inspiration of the host institution’s collection, themes, physical space, visitorship, and expert staff.

For further information:…/…/makers-in-residence/

Deadline for applications: 25.3.2016

Titanik AiR program (FI)

The next application period is for 2017: The open call will close on 15th of March at 4pm Finnish time.

Titanik artist-in-residence programme offers one to three month residencies for sound artists working in the intersection of sound and contemporary art.

Titanik residency is run by the Arte Artists’ Association in Turku, South-Western coast of Finland. Titanik A.i.R programme has been going strong since 2006, shifting it’s focus to sound in 2013, which made it the first sound art residency in Finland.

The working space, 20m2, is adjoined to the contemporary art gallery Titanik (open to public Tue-Fri 12–18 pm and Sat-Sun 12–16 pm), which is located in the city centre, on the shore of the river Aura. The artists can work in the Titanik A.i.R. studio space 24/7.

The residency period includes a possibility for exhibiting in the A.i.R. studio space or in the main gallery space. Additionally, the artists may arrange public screenings, performances etc. during the residency. Tools and audiovisual equipment available upon agreement.

Artists are provided with free accommodation in a beautiful, fully equipped flat in city centre, within walking distance from Titanik Gallery. The flat is suitable for a single artist or a couple.

The artists must fund all their living and working expenses, including food, transportation and material for exhibition.

For further information on the programme and how to apply:

Nordic Artists’ Centre Dale

Nordic Artists´Centre Dale on the westcoast of Norway is now accepting artist in residence applications for 2017. Application deadline is March 15th 2016.
Professional artists, designers and architects are eligible to apply for a residency of two or three months duration. Curators are eligible to apply for a one month residence.

Temple Bar Gallery + Studios (Helsinki-Dublin Residency Exchange 2016)

HIAP calls for applications from artists based in Finland for a six-week residency at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Dublin, 1 July – 14 August, 2016. The exchange programme is co-organised by HIAP, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios and The Finnish Institute in London.

TBG+S is a contemporary art gallery and artists’ studios complex located in Dublin city centre and the Temple Bar cultural quarter. Founded in 1983, the building houses thirty artists’ studios for professional visual artists working in a variety of media. Temporary exhibitions are presented regularly and represent a cross section of contemporary Irish and international visual arts practice. More information:

In 2016, one artist from Finland will be selected for a six-week residency at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Dublin. TBG+S offers accommodation and a studio space for the artist and an opportunity to present his/her practise in the framework of TBG+S’ programme of public events, such as studio presentations, talks, screenings or mini exhibitions in the studio space. The total budget for travel and living costs is 2300 €. The budget for materials and other direct production costs is 700 €. The residency in Dublin will take place between 1 July – 14 August, 2016.

The aim of the Helsinki-Dublin Residency Exchange is to provide participating artists with time,  space, and support for their creative work and to foster dialogue, collaboration and networking opportunities. Through the residencies, the programme also encourages cultural interaction between the two countries.

The Jury consists of representatives of HIAP, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios and Finnish Institute in London.  Please note that artists who are not already living and working in the UK will be prioritised in the selection.

The deadline for the applications is March 13, 2016, (11:59pm, GMT +2). All applications should be submitted by using the online application form, for futher information see

Contact: HIAP / Stephanie Roiko, Residency Programme Manager, stephanie(at), tel. +358 45 263 1502

Helsinki Design Residency

The British Council, in partnership with the Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP), the Helsinki Design Week (HDW) and Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture is seeking applications from practitioners to participate in a residency programme in Helsinki. This residency is for UK-based practitioners, who work at the intersections of art, design and architecture, and who have an interest in critical investigations and interventions into what constitutes design innovation.

The residency will take place in two phases:

Research Visit: 9 – 22 May 2016. This first part will give the selected designer in residence the opportunity to observe and engage with the local design context as well as establish contacts with the Aalto University in the context of the Aalto Festival (9-22 May) as well as local practices, institutions and organisations.

Project Development: 1 – 30 September 2016. This second part will coincide with the HDW (1 – 11 September 2016) and will provide an opportunity to consolidate the initial studies (carried out during the research visit in May) into a project proposal.

For further details:

The closing date for submissions is 14 February 2016.

Studio grant for Canada 2016

Deadline for applications February 3rd 2016.

The residency is produced in cooperation with the Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation and Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Quebec.

For further information (only in Finnish) see

Residency in the field of contemporary dance at the Kochi Art Museum in Japan (Ocotober 2016)

See the call for application (in Finnish):

Application deadline 29.1.2016

Further information: culture(at)

Cirko Residencies

Call for Residencies at Cirko in 2016-2017 is now open! Deadline for applications Sunday, Dec 27. 2015. Read more:

Loviiisa Artists’ Studio

Loviisa Artists’ Studio is accepting applications for the year 2017, until the end of September 2016. The programme is open for all fields of art. Young artists from the Baltic and Nordic countries are given preference.

The apartment/studio (75m2) is situated in an old stone house from 19th century, along the market place and opposite town hall in Loviisa.
Free apartment/studio and a small grant. The artists are asked to donate a high-quality work of art to the art collection of the town.

Free applications for 2018, end of September 2017
For further information

The choices are made by the international curators group.

Dead-line for applications 30.9.2015.

Further information:
Producer Jouni Jäppinen, jouni(at)