New residency programs will be launched by the Finnish cultural and academic institutes

In year 2019, residency programs will be in a focus of many activities run by the Finnish cultural and academic institutes. For instance the institutes in France, Estonia, Denmark, Germany and Japan will initiate new residency programs.

The Finnish Institute in Estonia will start a new residency program for Finnish performing artists in the new Vaba Lava centre located in Narva close to the Russian border. The Finnish Cultural Institute in Denmark will start three residency programs for visual arts and one residency program for dance.

The institutes will provide more information on these residencies and call for applications on their website later this year.

Also the Finnish Institute in Germany has promoted the start of a new cooperation / exchange programme between  Künstlerhaus Lukas and ArsHäme.

Further information (in Finnish) on the aims and effects of the residencies can be found on the website of the association of the Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes :